Arrogance and paranoia

Aircraft carrier sent to guard Dubya at G8

An aircraft carrier packed with hundreds of US marines will be anchored off the west coast of Scotland during the G8 summit.

A fleet of Galaxy C-5 planes, carrying armored limousines and the helicopters that will take Bush and his entourage to the venue, is expected to touch down at Prestwick airport. The US is also believed to be insisting on having its own command post so it can act independently of the British police and military if there is a threat to the president.

A military source said: “The Americans want to do everything themselves. They want to have their own helicopters; their own armored limousines. This happens at every summit like this, and it always causes tension between America and their hosts.

US accuses Karzai and UK of being soft on opium trade

That Dubya, he has a gift for alientaing even the closest of allies. This silly accusation comes comes right after Galloway ripped the Senate to shreds over the Iraq War. A clumsy attempt at payback, you ask me. But then any president who thinks he needs an aircraft carrier to protect him in Britain and won’t even trust the Brits to do it, is extraordinarily fearful. Has any previous president ever taken such extreme measures?

PS Dubya even appears to be uniting Arabs and Israelis, at least in their dislike for him.

Arab and Jewish hecklers target Laura Bush on visit.