Report implicates top brass in Afghan prison deaths

A leaked report on a military investigation into two killings of detainees at a US prison in Afghanistan has produced new evidence of connivance of senior officers in systematic prisoner abuse.

The investigation shows the military intelligence officers in charge of the detention centre at Bagram airport were redeployed to Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq in 2003, while still under investigation for the deaths of two detainees months earlier. Despite military prosecutors’ recommendations, the officers involved have yet to be charged.

The prisoners were savagely and slowly tortured to death.

The two were chained to the ceilings of their cells for days at a time and beaten on the legs. They had been subjected to a blow known as the “common peroneal strike”, aimed at a point just below the knee and intended to disable. Coroners in the Habibullah case said his legs “had basically been pulpified” and looked as though they had been run over by a bus.

Red Cross issued several warnings to U.S. about Koran desecration.

The International Red Cross had received what it described as ‘credible’ reports about U.S. personnel at Guantanamo Bay prison in Cuba treating the Koran with disrespect and raised the issue with the Pentagon several times according to a spokesman for the Red Cross.