Posada Carriles in custody!

From our comrades-in-the-struggle blog,  Lefti on the News

Talk about results! Hundreds of thousands of Cubans march, and hours later Luis Posada Carriles is taken into custody (no, I don’t really think there was cause and effect, but the efforts on the part of the Cubans, and others (Left I on the News!) to bring constant exposure to this case certainly helped force Posada out of hiding.

Naturally, the U.S. is still playing games, refusing to say what they plan to do with Posada, and saying that “generally, the U.S. government does not return people to Cuba or to countries acting on Cuba’s behalf,” as if Venezuela were not a sovereign nation.

Or as if it weren’t quite obvious that Posada engineered the bombing of a Cuban airliner, killing 73 innocents. Remember that next time Dubya foams at the mouth about gittin’ the terrorists.

Just in from the national ANSWER website

News flash:
Luis Posada Carriles has been arrested

Urgent Action Needed:
Demand Posada’s Extradition to Venezuela

About 3:30 pm ET today, Luis Posada Carriles was detained by customs and immigration police, according to a live report from Andres Gomez of the Antonio Maceo Brigade in Miami. Posada was reportedly flown by the Department of Homeland Security to Homestead Air Force Base, although that base is not in operation.

It is not clear what the U.S. government plans to do with him. It is urgent that the demand of extradition to Venezuela be honored by the U.S. government. It is from Venezuela that Posada and Oslando Bosch planned the 1976 bombing of Cubana Airlines Flight 455.

Posada and his representatives announced today that he was now going to leave the U.S. because of the pressure on the Bush Administration. Just prior to his arrest today, 1.5 million Cubans took to the streets, marching past the U.S. Interest Section in Havana. According to the Associated Press, “‘This is not a march against the people of the United States,’ said the 78-year-old Castro, differentiating between Americans and their government. ‘It is a march against terrorism, in favor of life and of peace.'”

The question now for U.S. authorities is whether they will take Posada Carriles to some safe haven either inside or outside the U.S. or whether they will extradite him to Venezuela from which he is a fugitive. Venezuela is the site of the planning of the horrible bombing of the Cubana flight. People of the United States must keep up the pressure to demand extradited to Venezuela for trial.  More

Send a letter to Bush and Congress demanding Posada be extradited to Venezuela. Let’s keep the pressure on.