The Political Power of Hip Hop

L.A. hip hop artist Wil b., who performs often at antiwar demonstrations and progressive events, has been busy. Currently he’s mobilizing votes for Antonio Villraigosa with a traveling Political Power of Hiphop Tour of Los  Angeles which, after the election, will morph into the Summer Street Peace Tour. This is conscious hip hop, music with a message, good stuff indeed.

From their press release:

Kicking off May 14, 2005, the IBEW Political Power of Hiphop Tour of Los  Angeles will spend the next 4 days mobilizing support for Villaraigosa,  while, young Black voters are given a dose of “message music” as described  by the show’s headliner Wil b.

At a time when, our L.A. school students are in such turmoil, this lead up  to the election is no empty gesture that will dissipate following Election  Day. The Political Power of Hiphop, “committed to positive change”, will  soon announce a “Summer Concert Series” called “the Summer Street Peace  Tour”, in conjunction with Councilman Martin Ludlow doing these types of  events all over L.A. this summer starting as early as next month.

“We are committed to positive change and promoting interracial unity here  in L.A. and it’s other surrounding area’s as we help to bring about a  working solution to end the increase of violence, and racial intolerance  everywhere.”

Plus his Political Power of Hip Hop site will be live soon.

In the next few weeks, we will be launching a website developed to promote cultural and basic human understanding through information, visual art, and music.

Our primary mission is to utilize the pure power of this incredible music and culture.

And it appears that tomorrow Antonio Villraigosa will upset incumbent James Hahn and become the first Hispanic Mayor of L.A. since 1874. Good.