GE goes Green

Yet another wonderful rant by Bruce Sterling from the Viridian Design, a movement, focused on global warming.The triple parens are his comments.

“GE to invest more in green technology”
(((“GE defects to Greenhouse believers, Exxon-Mobil doomed”)))

“WASHINGTON (AFP) May 09, 2005
“General Electric Co. announced plans Monday to  double its investment in ‘cleaner technologies’ for energy, transportation and other areas in a major  new environmental initiative.

(((Have a look at the way GE is slanting this. It’s kind of brilliant, actually.  Look how GE CEO J. Immelt actually transmutes, right on the web, into a green silhouette!  Boy did that make me happy.)))

(((Meanwhile, Exxon-Mobil attempts to cover their massively profiteering while still uttering not a word about climate change:))) 

 “GE, the world’s biggest company in terms of market capitalization, (((ha ha ha, it’s all downhill from here, tra la la))) called the announcement  an ‘initiative to aggressively bring to market  new technologies that will help customers meet pressing environmental challenges.”

(((You know what’s nice about GE?  Unlike, say, Enron, GE can actually execute business plans! For instance, GE now owns Enron’s wind power. You wonder how GE bought all that wind stuff for a song from the wreckage of a cratered company?  Because they’re NOT STUPID at GE, that’s why!)))

The GE initiative will “”include more environmentally friendly technology for wind and solar energy, hybrid locomotives, fuel cells, lower-emission aircraft engines, lighter and stronger materials, efficient lighting and water purification technology.”

GE gets it. When will the White House follow?