Mass March on Sat. Sept. 24 in Washington D.C.

Many slogans, yet all facets of the same struggle.

Stop the War in Iraq.
End Colonial Occupation from Iraq to Palestine to Haiti.
Support the Palestinian People’s Right of Return
Stop the Threats Against Venezuela, Cuba, Iran & North Korea
U.S. out of the Philippines.
Bring all the troops home now.
Stop the Racist, anti-Immigrant and anti-Labor Offensive at Home, Defend Civil Rights

The ANSWER Coalition has announced a new initiative

The anti-war movement must make a precise estimate of the direction of the White House, the Pentagon and Congress as it charts its next steps for mass mobilization.

The people of the United States must mobilize against the global War for Empire that masks itself as the so-called “war on terrorism” and falsely promotes itself as the “march for democracy.”

The people of Iraq are insisting that the United States leave their country immediately. As in Vietnam, the people of the United States must demand the immediate end to this war of conquest. As we fight to end the war in Iraq, we recognize that it is not enough to focus on a single front in this War for Empire. We must unite on a principled basis that recognizes the reality of our epoch.

The war and occupation of Iraq cannot be seen in isolation. The U.S. is actively attempting to destroy every government that resists the Empire. The Iraq war is not an aberration nor is it a “mistake” of conservative politicians. The war in Iraq is a necessary component in the political program and the institutions of global conquest and exploitation. This is what we must be fighting.

This is the crucial point. The Iraq war does not exist in isolation from US policy. Rather, it is a logical continuation of ongoing policy that has existed for decades. It’s just more obvious with an extremist like Bush. It’s about empire and dominance while mouthing empty platitudes about democracy. 

We don’t want the troops to be brought home from Iraq only so that they can be deployed in the next front of imperialism. The people of the United States have every interest in renouncing the War for Empire that is directed by the U.S. plutocracy. The plutocrats have the wealth but the plutocracy is in inherent conflict with genuine democracy and with the needs of the people.

The rich are increasingly getting richer. The rest are getting poorer or just treading water. The insane wars are bankrupting the country. Which is precisely how ancient Rome fell. 

This is not just Bush’s war. It is not only a Republican or a neo-conservative campaign. Congress again just rubber-stamped the next $82 billion appropriation to finance the criminal occupation of Iraq. The vote in the Senate was 99-0! The amount spent on the war in Iraq and Afghanistan is now over $350 billion. Likewise, it is the White House and Congress and both big business parties that wholeheartedly support the funding of the ongoing war against the people of Palestine. The occupation of Haiti, carried out by proxy forces, is nonetheless a project of U.S. and French imperialism.

There is nothing more urgent than to construct unity in the face of Empire. Real unity cannot be built by sacrificing the rights of some but rather it will be forged by embracing everyone’s rights and just struggles for liberation. United we are the majority. United we can fight and win. More

Precisely. The Real ID attacks on immigrants, the attempted destruction of the social net and Social Security, the endless wars for empire – they are all related. So we need to organize, mobilize, and fight back as a unified force – and to understand that all the struggles are one.