Podcast: ‘Unite to Defeat the Bush Program’ Community Meeting

The meeting was held May 7 at the historic Sunset Hall Retirement Home, home to many a retired leftie, and featured excellent talks by speakers from multiple coalitions. Organized by ANSWER LA, the event focused on organzing to defeat the Bush program and on building for the People’s Assembly, Community Fair and Rally to be held May 21 in Pershing Square.

Speakers included:

Louis Duran, Chair SEIU Local 660 Seniors Association; President, Western Region, Alliance of Retired Americans
Margaret Prescod, KPFK Programmer and Global Womens Strike
Hamid Kahn, South Asian Network
Juan Jose Gutierrez, Latino Movement USA
Jim Lafferty, National Lawyers Guild – Los Angeles
Ruth Tadasco, Global Women’s Strike – Los Angeles
Christine Araquel, KmB – Pro-People Youth
Muna Coobtee, Free Palestine Alliance
Wendy Caputo, Executive Director, Sunset Hall Retirement Home
Laura Villegas, Progressive Alliance – Santa Monica College
Johnneric Concordia, Alliance for a Just and Lasting Peace in the Philippines
John Beacham, A.N.S.W.E.R. Los Angeles

Link (mp3, 1:20:55, 27.7 MB)