Terrorist hides in Miami with wink and nod from the neocons

More on Luis Posada Carriles, the terrorist who is hiding out in Miami

Venezuela seeks exile’s extradition

Challenging the United States to make good on its pledge to hunt down terrorists, Venezuela on Thursday formally requested the extradition of a radical Cuban exile who is reportedly hiding in Florida and is wanted here in connection with an airline bombing that killed 73 people.

The neocons, aided by the extreme right-wing Cuban community in Miami, want to grant this admitted murderer asylum in the US.

Accused bomber Luis Posada Carriles’ April 13 petition for U.S. asylum has roiled Washington’s already strained relations with Venezuela and sparked anger in Cuba, the target of the attacks blamed on him. The asylum request said Posada, 77, had managed to evade homeland security measures and slip into the U.S.

U.S. officials repeated Thursday that they had no solid confirmation of the claim made by a Florida attorney that Posada was in the country. “We are following up on leads as we would normally do,” said Barbara Gonzalez, spokeswoman for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement in Miami.

Uh huh, he just sort of snuck in the country and the feds have no idea where he is…right.

Tell Bush & Congress: NO asylum for Luis Posada Carriles