Microsoft reverses its position on anti-discrimination bill!

From Scobelizer, who blogs while working for Microsoft

MAJOR NEWS: Microsoft reverses its position on anti-discrimination bill.

MAJOR NEWS. Steve Ballmer is sending email to all Microsoft employees explaining that Microsoft is reversing its position on the anti-discrimination bill.

I haven’t gotten the email yet, but I already have permission to post it in public, and I hear that it’ll be posted on Microsoft’s PressPass site too.

We’re also reaching out to the various blogs and news sites that were disappointed with how we handled this.

From my position, I’m elated.

I hope that this lets us all move forward and heal some pretty deep rifts that were exposed.

I received this news at shortly after 9 a.m. in a call with Frank Shaw, vice president of Waggener Edstrom (Microsoft’s public relations firm).