Fat bigots

From Sue to The Daily News

[Insert slur against more easily vilified group here]

Your article dated May 2nd, “Childhood Obesity Bills to Sink State?”, could easily qualify as hate speech by merely substituting in the place of “overweight adults,” something more insufferable to a sensitized readership.

For example:

“California’s [stupid lazy Mexican children] epidemic threatens to saddle the state’s taxpayers with astronomical medical bills from a generation [of stupid lazy Mexicans] that will spend more time in the hospital and less time at work than any before, health experts warn.

Already, California’s [stupid lazy Mexicans] cost the state an estimated $28 billion, up an alarming 30 percent from 2000.

“California’s going to fall apart,” said Dr. Naomi Neufeld, a [skinny non-Mexican workaholic], and founder and executive director of Angloanorexics, a weight management program for adult and child [stupid lazy Mexicans] in Los Angeles.


Your article is sadly prejudiced. Since prejudice stems from ignorance, please be informed that recent studies have also shown that:

(a) much of the ill effect of overweight comes from yo-yo dieting in response to societal phobia against weight;
(b) prejudicial medical treatment and harassment causes fat people to avoid health care professionals except in extreme medical emergencies – indeed, one study suggested that the higher rates of certain “female” cancers in fat women may be due to these women not getting adequate preventive care;
(c) social stigma persuades the overweight to avoid participating in physical activity that would lead to greater fitness; and, finally,
(d) a report dated April 19th from the CDC indicates that people who are modestly overweight have a lower risk of death than those of normal weight.