Insurgents everywhere

Iraqi bombings increase

More than 30 died and 50 injured when a car bomb detonated at the funeral of a Kurdish official in the village of Tal Afar, northern Iraq, Sunday. 

At least six other car bombs exploded around  Baghdad Sunday as militants stepped up attacks and bombings which have killed more than 130 people in the past four days.

U.S. propaganda continues to insist that everything is just ducky, that we’ve turned the corner, and that success is guaranteed. Which is precisely what they said during the Vietnam War too. 

Egypt rounds up 200 in raids after attacks

Egyptian authorities swept through villages Sunday on the outskirts of Cairo, detaining more than 200 people after attacks Saturday that left seven people wounded and three attackers dead.

Hmm, three people did the attacks so they round up 200?

Afghan arms depot blast kills 28

According Al Jazeera, violence between Taliban-led fighters and Afghan and US-led forces has intensified in recent weeks, leaving dozens of fighters and at least two coalition soldiers and several civilians dead.

This escalation in Afghanistan seems to be almost completely ignored by mainstream media.