NYC again tries to ban mass protests in Central Park

ANSWER and National Council of Arab Americans sue

New York City’s free speech battle and its national impact;
City’s attempt to stealthily enact new regulations restricting protest exposed.
In New York, the City is now trying a new tactic – they are attempting to take away the very ground on which we stand to voice our opinions when we come together in mass assembly. They are trying to take away what is traditionally a public forum for free speech activities – Central Park. The attempt to banish mass assembly protest from Manhattan and exile it into the outer boroughs of New York is a prototype for what is being attempted in cities throughout the country. If they can succeed in New York City, a historic center for the progressive and union movement, the government and Corporate America feel they will be able to succeed elsewhere.

So, let’s stop them!

The National Council of Arab Americans and the A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition are currently in Federal District Court with a lawsuit brought by the Partnership for Civil Justice and the National Lawyers Guild Mass Defense Committee to stop the city in its tracks and protect free speech rights.

The Central Park litigation, the Complaint and Memorandum of Law, are available at, the website of our attorneys at the Partnership for Civil Justice.