Schwarzenegger governership unravelling

Schwarzenegger has now broken virtually all his campaign pledges, a key member of his administration, Dick Riordan, is resigning, and the wheels are falling off. Once the Hollywood glitz bully boy exterior fell apart, well, there’s just not much there. He appears to have little actual interest in politics and no political skills at all beyond winning through intimidation. And that ploy isn’t working any more.

Gov. relents on sped-up remapping

Schwarzenegger drops a demand that political districts be redrawn by next year.

Deal on cheaper medicines unravels. Senate panel rejects governor’s plan

Critics said the plan would have relied on drug companies to voluntarily discount prices for low-income people without penalizing firms that refused.

After reneging on his promise to schools, Schwarzenegger’s marks slip

Riordan quitting as Education Secretary