Everyone, and mean everyone, is saying CounterSpy is currently the best anti spyware program. $19.95 a year.

Seasoned experts like the pros at Windows Secrets recommended it recently in their newsletter. They also advise running multiple programs, not just one. The notebook this blog lives on runs CounterSpy, the highly regarded and free Microsoft anti spyware program, as well as Zone Alarm Pro.

That’s right, I run three programs. And whenever I install new software I get popup screens everywhere asking if I really want to install it because it might be a new perilous program. Sigh. Actually, the Microsoft program does identify most known software installs as legit and just gives an informational message, something that ZoneAlarm is not as good at.

Still, as one who almost had to reformat a computer after malware took out access to the Internet, yes, you really do need to run such programs.