Billions for war, pennies for healthcare.

Legislatures are looking to cut Medicaid or add fees. Missouri is poised to end the program, which many of the poor rely upon for care.

The federal government helps pay for Medicaid, but in the coming fiscal year, the federal contribution will drop by more than $1 billion because of changes in the cost-share formula. President Bush has warned of far deeper cuts to come; he aims to reduce federal spending on Medicaid by as much as $40 billion over the next decade.

Bush and the neocon ideologues want to destroy the social contract created in the 30’s. Social Security and healthcare are the targets. Does anyone doubt people will die when Missouri ends Medicaid? Does anyone doubt other states will follow?

The ANSWER Coalition is organizing nationwide speaks-outs and rallies this month opposing Social Security privatization plans. Here in L.A, we have two events planned, May 7 and May 21.