Podcast: Brian Becker. Is militarism a mistake of capitalism or is it fundamental?

Brian Becker is National Coordinator of the A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition and editor of Socialism & Liberation Magazine
He answers convincingly, and with humor and wit, that the current state of capitalism, monopoly state capitalism, exists because of and feeds a huge war machine. Without endless war, the economy would crumble. And no, it can’t last forever, can it?
Ballooning trade and budget deficits caused by insane spending on war, a crumbling infrastructure, and nonstops attacks on the social net, specifically on Social Security, all point towards a capitalist system in crisis.
Recorded at a Party for Socialism & Liberation meeting in L.A., Apr. 22, 2005.

Link (mp3 1:03:07, 21.6 MB)