Capitalist predators about to get eaten

From BOPNews

The UK economy has slowed almost too a halt, and yet, the Bank of England wants to raise rates to fight inflation. The Eurozone is, likewise, on the brink of recession. Rob Portman, another one of the good hair Delay clones in the house is going to be the next trade representative, and who is he blaming all of this on?

China. What did the G-7 talk about in their last meeting, harmonizing European and American monetary policy? No, China. Why the sudden tightening against China? Because the people at the top of the western economy are about to get squeezed, and squeezed as hard as they have squeezed the wage earners over the last few years.

Because China isn’t just undercutting the cost of labor, it is now set on undercutting the most bloated cost in the US and European economy – the cost of management. Bush and company are more than happy to have China eat your lunch, but they are now panicked because China is about to eat their lunch.