Epoch Times

Sue and I were walking down the street in L.A. when she saw a newspaper stand with a free well-designed glossy paper called Epoch Times. I scanned the front page, saw an odd headline about the collapse of the Communist Party in China, other articles on varying topics, and absolutely no info about who published it, not even a masthead. “Front group”, I said. Sue agreed, and said she’d find out who was behind it.

It appears to be Falun Gong, a cult-like group in China that claims to be subjected to religious persecution. It also appears they are heavily involved in politics and virulently opposed to the current Chinese government – and they have some serious resources behind them.

Falungong, which Beijing outlawed as an “evil cult” in 1999, disrupted television broadcast signals in most parts of China last week for about five minutes by jamming signal transmission via the satellite of Asia Satellite Telecommunications Co.