Arnold blinks

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger retreated Thursday from his ambitious plan to convert the state pension system to private accounts, part of his sweeping agenda for change in state government.

The initiative would have stripped public employees of death and disability benefits, according to an analysis by state Atty. Gen. Bill Lockyer.

You read that right, Arnold wanted to take away death and disability benefits …

From The Orange County Register, hardly a leftie hotbed

Where’s Arnold? The man who crushed cars to the cheers of crowds, glad-handed his way through family diners and waved to swarming supporters at shopping malls is fading from view.

Over the past few months, protesters opposed to Schwarzenegger’s public employee pensions and school funding proposals have begun to dog his every move. And over the past few weeks, he’s gone from lingering in crowds as he makes his way through front doors to using side doors where there are no protesters.

Arnold, who does not play well with others, is discovering the realities of politics. His popularity has plummented, and with this major political defeat, the protests against his noxious policies should and will increase. Good.