The Minutemen in Arizona

 From Sue:

Guys with guns and no jobs.  If they had jobs, they wouldn’t be in the Arizona desert. 

Guys with guns.  They can’t go down to the docks and prevent Chinese-made goods from coming in. They can’t go down to the factory and prevent the export of the machinery and their jobs. They can’t brandish their guns at the gates of the power brokers who are impoverish them. So they brandish their rifles at the only people allowed — the even more deprived and powerless.

Higher skilled jobs leaving for foreign countries, and now even order taking at McDonalds outsourced to India … There’s nothing that can be done about it now. The agreements have been inked, the economy is in the hands of the worldwide wealthy.

But there are a lot of guys with guns in this country. So expect more of this.

The Minutemen, white men all, attack the most powerless elements in society. Even Bush called them “vigilantes.” Counter-protestors who were there and followed them said the Minutemen appeared to be white supremacists and other such lumpen. But immigrants aren’t their enemy. Those who are destroying the social contract in this country and outsourcing jobs to whatever country is cheapest this week, that’s who their real enemy is.