Gerry Adams urges IRA to embrace peace

Sinn Fein president Gerry Adams has appealed to the IRA to help rebuild the Northern Ireland political process.

In a direct call to members of the terror group, he asked them to “fully embrace and accept” democratic means.

Hmm, why this appeal and why now? Given the McCartney murder by IRA members, Sinn Fein (the political arm of the IRA) has been under huge pressure. But that murder was a bar fight and not political. Adam’s words could well send the more militant of the IRA back underground. Some will scream sellout at him, and the peace process in Northern Ireland is currently extremely fragile. Sometimes it’s difficult to understand from afar why internal actions like this happen, but he’s in the thick of things and I’m not. Sounds like the situation is fragmenting, if not bordering on explosive.