Radio quickly stealing podcasting from the original podcasters

Podcasting has quickly caught the eye of traditional broadcasters who want “in” on what appears to be a great way to reach new listeners or at least old listeners who somewhere along the way became disenfranchised. Now another company has jumped into the Podcasting fray.

Enter Loyal Ears, a media rewards company, which has announced the first independent podcasting platform that marries radio’s huge audience penetration with the rapidly emerging download technology.

DrizzleCast optimizes podcast downloads

NuParadigm DrizzleCast is a new tool for easily downloading podcasts whil preserving network bandwidth. DrizzleCast is currently available as a free download on

Podcasting: Art versus Commerce

The two people who are generally acknowledged as the fathers of podcasting, Adam Curry and David Winer, are still at the center of its evolution. But now they’re at odds over podcasting as a business model. Winer, a prominent software developer who wrote the RSS 2.0 specification that powers podcasting, is against commercialization of podcasts. Curry, best known as one of the first MTV VJs, sees a big opportunity and has launched a company to pursue it.