National People’s Speak-Out on Social Security

Saturday, May 7
Washington DC

Bush has launched a taxpayer funded campaign, complete with a strategizing “war room,” to push through his plan to privatize Social Security. Bush and his corporate advisors are falsely crying “crisis” to scare younger workers into accepting “reforms.” What is really going on is a scheme to channel hundreds of billions of dollars to the big Wall Street banks and investment firms at our expense. Currently Bush is on a 60-day, 60-city tour to convince people around the country to support his plan to destroy this vital social program.

The Bush administration intends to slash virtually all remaining social services, including Social Security, to fund unlimited war and occupation in Iraq, Palestine, Afghanistan, Haiti and more. They continue to spend more than $200 million a day on the war in Iraq, while targeting over 150 vital health, housing, education and jobs programs for complete elimination in this year’s budget. The impact would be devastating for millions of people, and we must stop them in their tracks.


This is part of the new national ANSWER Coalition campaign opposing the Bush planned theft of Social Security,  linking it to the neocons endless wars and planned destruction of the social net created in the 30’s.

Here in LA, we have two events planned.

Saturday, May 7
Community Meeting Sunset Hall Retirement Home
2830 Francis Avenue, LA
(This is a retirement home for retired lefties!)

Saturday, May 21
People’s Assembly and Speak-Out Rally
Pershing Square (532 S. Olive Street), LA