The McCartney sisters

A backlash against the McCartneys has intensified in recent weeks. On radio shows and websites, they have been accused of being politically manipulated or driven to damage Sinn Fein. The family calls it an orchestrated smear campaign.

“Why do they have to be looking for some political motive, rather than just looking at this as an issue of justice?” Catherine McCartney said.

The McCartney sisters made it political by going to the US and meeting with senators and Bush. They may have done this with the best of intentions and with no politics implied, but in doing so, the results could have been anything but political. And in that, they may be neophytes in way over their heads. Plus, given that one of the sisters is a political activist and a couple of them may run for office, I find their naivete baffling – anytime you organize in the political realm,  even if you say you just want justice,  there will be reactions. To not understand this is to not understand politics.