Upcoming podcasting expos

Podcasting featured at GnomeDex 5  Jun 23-25, Seattle.

Chris Pirillo has announced the Gnomedex 5.0 keynote speaker – seminal podcaster Adam Curry. Curry is expected to discuss podcasting and the views of a Net entrepreneur.

Gnomedex is a relatively small IT convention, but it consistently attracts an interesting collection of speakers, presenters and attendees. The theme of this year’s convention is “Producing, Consuming, & Monetizing Technology.”

Gnomedex 5.0 is being held in downtown Seattle, June 23-25, and is limited to 300 registrants. Topics of focus will be Grassroots of RSS, Blogging, Podcasting, BitTorrent, & Media.

Gnomedex 5.0

I’m going. The speaker lineup is seriously good and the price quite reasonable.

Podcast and Portable Media Expo. Ontario Ca, Nov 11-12.

“showcases the present and future of portable content with demonstration exhibits and conference sessions devoted to creating, editing, delivering, viewing and profiting from unique audio and video media.”

Conference tracks:
Content Creators: “Producing Compelling Content”
Content Marketers: “Business Models for Podcasting & Portable Media”
Technologists: “The Technology Side of Podcasting & Portable Media”

Also quite reasonable. $149. Ontario is near L.A., so this one is easy for me to get to.

So, many are thinking, how can podcasting be used to make money, an obvious enough thought. Will it become over-commercialized, with large companies overwhelming small indie content. Probably. But given the very DIY decentralized nature of podcasting and blogging, there’s lots of room for everyone (I hope!)

Adam Curry mentioned on his podcast recently that the subscriber base for even the biggest podcasts can’t yet justify major advertisers and maybe never will, but that companies can and will be forming to help people and business learn to podcast and blog.