Global warming enters the national consciousness

A year ago, global warming was dismissed as leftie fringe stuff. Now, mainstream media in the US is acknowledging global warming is real and happening. This is a huge change! Of course, all other industrialized nations, Europe, Asia, etc. accepted this long ago, and have been working on solutions for years. The Bushies, blind and greedy, refuse to believe it because, boy howdy, it might interfere with the god-given right of companies to make money, and we can’t allow that, can we?

Thankfully, the facts about global warming have finally entered mainstream media consciousness – and this is a good thing indeed. Unexpected allies are appearing out of nowhere.

The Heat Is On: A call for action on global warming

The Dallas News, deep in the heart of oil country, quotes a source that could not be more sober or business-oriented.

 “Today, global warming is a fact … [and] human intervention in the natural climatic system plays an important, if not decisive role. The question, then, is … how the occurring climate changes will affect our existence … If climate change accelerates and we fail to adapt in time, we will suffer losses in terms of safety and prosperity.”

That, as the measured tone suggests, is not the opinion of some wild-eyed eco-freak, or even of British Prime Minister Tony Blair, who has put global warming at the top of his agenda as this year’s head of the G8 group of industrialized nations.

That is the conclusion of Swiss Re, a Swiss insurance company that is in the business of reinsuring other insurers. Having analyzed the science and statistics for more than a decade, Swiss Re’s basic message is: Stop arguing and do something – or pay the consequence.

Global warming: Our problem, our solutions

From the Aspen Times

Shorter warmer winters, reduced snowpack, earlier river runoff, less water available in summer, increasing forest fires and insect infestations. We’ve already seen these changes beginning in Aspen, and greater changes are on the way. Global warming is our problem.

But the solution is also ours. Some 80 percent of U.S. emissions of carbon dioxide (the primary culprit in global warming which comes from burning coal, oil and gas) are a consequence of consumer demands for energy in our homes, cars, and travel. This gives us a great deal of power in reducing these emissions.

Evangelical leaders swinging influence behind effort to combat global warming

A core group of influential evangelical leaders has put its considerable political power behind a cause that has barely registered on the evangelical agenda, fighting global warming.

These church leaders, scientists, writers and heads of international aid agencies argue that global warming is an urgent threat, a cause of poverty and a Christian issue because the Bible mandates stewardship of God’s creation.