Thoughts on podcasting

From Dave Winer, who played a major role in the invention of blogs, rss feeds, and now, podcasting.

Thanks to Halley for the kind words about my contribution to podcasting, as well as Adam’s. This gives me a chance to say that I’ve not tried to write Adam out of the story. Quite the opposite, I think his contribution was essential, and not just in the last half-year. Podcasting appears to everyone but a small number of people, to be an instant wonder. But the trail goes back a long way. It took a lot of iteration and patience to make it happen. As I write this a bunch of other future “instant wonders” are in gestation.

There will be a time when they will move to the top of the stack and be the engines of growth for the tech industry. Markoff will write stories about them too, explaining how his friends have finally figured out how to make money from them as if it was the responsibility of every technology to make John Doerr even richer. I’d like people to be more open-minded about these ideas, while they need help to get started. In hindsight, podcasting could have happened much sooner if people just would have listened.