A cable co. that gets it

My cable modem is from Roadrunner / Times Warner. They called last week, said my connection appeared to be slow,  and could they come and fix it free. Today, they replaced the wire from the pole to the house, and swapped the old 3 mbps modem for a new, faster, 5 mbps modem. No charge. I’m impressed.

Sure, they’re doing this because they need a bigger pipe to feed more customers, however their service, in the several years I’ve had it, has been rock-solid with practically zero downtime. And when I call tech support, they know the answer. This is a company that gets it.

Friends with DSL usually say their connection can be a bit flaky, with highly varied response times and download speeds. Cable modems appear to be both faster and more dependable.

On downloads, I generally get 300-400 kps. With the new modem, it’ll probably be faster. I’ve noticed that Firefox  downloads way faster than Internet Explorer, like sometimes it’s so fast I can’t believe it downloaded a 4 MB file in 2 seconds, so I check and sure enough, it’s there. Anyone else notice this?

Update: The new modem just downloaded a 3.8 MB file at 560 kps!