Podcast: Jim Dolbear of the Voting Systems Institute

Jim Dolbear of the Voting Systems Institute discusses the new initative by Voting System Performance Rating Project to create open, verifiable standards for judging voting systems.

VSPR is focused on defining objective ways to measure performance of voting systems. VSPR comprises experts from a wide range of voting-related fields, including election officials, social scientists, technologists, vendors, advocates and standards body members.

Their members include some very big players in voting systems, both academic and commercial. They plan to create standards for voting systems that can then be used by others to judge voting systems.

VSPR operates openly: anyone is free to sign up as a recipient to any of the Council Group or Working Group mailing lists, anyone can become a member-at-large of the VSPR Council, and all records of discussions are publicly available.

Link to the mp3 (23 minutes. 8.16 MB. 02.03.05)