Uh, no

The horrible grunt of the Tasmanian devil.

Jim Mitchell sez: “There’s an unbelievably good audio file of a howling Tasmanian Devil in the travel section Sunday’s SFGate.com. This may be the worst sound ever emitted by a carbon-based life form.” 

The worst ever? I think not. One of our cats, Joey AKA The Howler Monkey emitted such a hideous yowling constant unending shriek upon being taken to the vet that when the vet realized I’d brought him in on the wrong day, said, we have to see the cat now, we can’t make him bring Joey back again.

I will record Joey on his next vet vist. This Tasmanian Devil is about a 4 on the Joey Howler Money scale (which goes to 10.) You probably think I’m exaggerating, don’t you?