Bank robbery and the IRA?

US military admits they’ve lost in Iraq

U.S. military commanders increasingly believe that American troops will never entirely defeat Iraqi insurgents and now plan to reduce offensive operations and focus on training Iraqi security forces.

In other words, they’ve lost and want Iraqis to clean up the mess they created. Which might be a military solution, but the Bushies won’t allow that to happen. If the US leaves Iraq, then the US power base with control of the oil is gone. WAnd that was the entire reason for this illegal invasion and war in the first place.

Although operations last fall in such restive locales as Samarra, Fallouja and the northern part of Babil province were deemed successful, the subsequent surge in violence in previously placid cities such as Mosul — outside of which a suicide bomber killed 22 people at an American base Dec. 21 — has shown that the fighters are able to relocate to areas where the U.S. has fewer forces.

Well duh, this is called “guerilla warfare.” I guess they forgot the lessons of Vietnam where the same ignorant overconfidence led to their defeat.

This is evidence, officials said, that operations planned and executed by U.S. troops can never wipe out the insurgency.

So they plan to train Iraqis to do it? Just how will Iraqis be able to accomplish this? Answer, they won’t. Thus Iraq and the entire region will be destabilized with civil war and massive chaos now a given. Yet Bush wants to invade Iran now too.

See you in the streets tomorrow for the counter-inaugural protests.