These banners will be on the Inauguration route

From the listserv.

The Bush/Cheney Presidential Inaugural Committee is spending $50 million to lavish the President and his “donor base” with gala parties in the next few days. The coronation was supposed to proceed on January 20th with Pennsylvania Avenue scrubbed clean of embarrassing signs calling for the impeachment of George W. Bush. It has all been organized like a Hollywood set piece to shower “legitimacy” on a criminal administration.

Thanks to the incredible support of everyone in this movement, however, Bush (and the world media tracking his every inaugural movement on January 20) will be unable to miss the thousands of people at antiwar bleachers and along the parade route.

Because of the help provided by members of the impeachment movement, the beautiful (and large) black and yellow banners and signs reading “Guilty of War Crimes —” will be all over Pennsylvania Avenue.