Waihee Valley hike on a suspension bridge. The area is a tropical rain forest, or close to it. Just two miles away is the ocean. The valleys and ridges here are about the steepest I’ve seen, climbing them off-trail would be extremely difficult.

Iao State Park, the oft-photographed needle, which is about 250 ft. high. It was used as a lookout by the indigenous peoples during the massively bloody war between Hawaii and Maui in the late 1700’s which eventually resulted in the unification of all the islands under one king.
Native Hawaiians are permitted to climb the needle, doing so in barefeet and with no rope. After looking at the needle through binoculars, viewing those steep, slippery sides with lots of loose soil, I can not fathom how they climb it, except to say that they do and that they are obviously amazingly skilled climbers.