US AIrways CEO in hiding

And he’s surrounded by round the clock bodyguards, all due to the incomprehensible US Airways debacle in which thousands of pieces of luggage are lost. Well now, “lost” isn’t the correct word. Luggage isn’t lost when a US Air plane lands in Philly and the crews don’t unload the luggage, letting it instead fly off to wherever the next stop is.

In our case, that next stop was Spain, and our luggage includes my fiances wedding dress. I’m thinking bringing back public flogging must be appropriate here.

Crews refusing to unload planes, huge numbers of people calling in sick, an airline already in bankruptcy. Maybe the employees are tired of being screwed around by management, of having wages and benefits slashed (while management of course readies their golden parachutes) so this complete chaos is the result. This is what deregulation of the airlines has brought -. lousy service and collapsing airlines. Yes, fares can be cheaper, but what good is that when flights are often late, meaning you don’t make connections, or your luggage is lost.

Meanwhile that CEO *better* be in hiding..