Nice ethics, Pfizer

Pfifer will scrap ads for Celbrex, which is associated with increased risk of heart attack – but will keep marketing it to doctors.

It gets worse

They only killed the ads because the FDA forced them to.

And worse still.

They have no plans to stop selling Celebrex.

People may well die because of Pfizer’s callous, greedy decision. The massive lawsuits will almost certainly result from this. Are the top execs are readying their golden parachutes?

Why is it legal for Pfizer to keep Celebrex on the market? Does not the FDA have the power to ban the drug?

Yes, many who took Celebrex are now upset because Celebrex relieved their arthritis pain. But maybe these drugs were rushed to market, and should never have been available int he first place.

Health care should be non-profit and public. Grasping profit motives should have no place when it comes to whether people live or die.