Spontaneous uprising in Ukraine?

Yeah, right…

Otpor, the group that overthrew Milosevic, received some funds from the U.S. government via the National Endowment for Democracy and the Agency for International Development. Veterans of Otpor helped train the Kmara movement in Georgia, the Zubr movement in Belarus, and the Pora movement in Ukraine. The revolutions they inspired—part Yippie street theater, part Gandhian resistance—got a hand from some of the same financial sources, including George Soros’s Open Society Institute. Washington has endorsed them warmly.

“Got a hand from?” “Were created by” is more like it. This isn’t so much about democracy as about new markets for goods, cheap sources of labor, and sites for military bases – military bases that help encircle Russia. That such moves will destabilize the entire area, and you can be sure that if the West is successful in installing a puppet government, that such a government will not have the needs of its people as the main priority.