Starbucks grounds for gardens

Coffee grounds make great fertilizer for plants that need nitrogen. Just mix it in the soil. You can also use coffee grounds for composting.

Starbucks has a “Grounds for your Garden” program and gives away coffee grounds for free to anyone who asks.

The first Starbucks I tried already had someone who was taking all their coffee grounds! The next store gave me several pounds sealed in a special bag.

They save money on trash hauling, people get free fertilizer and composting material, and what would have been hauled to a trash dump is recycled – a good deal for all.

Coffee grounds make up 17 percent of Starbucks’ store waste by volume or 40 percent by weight.

The company has not calculated how much it saves on its trash bill through the program, but says it keeps about 25 percent of its grounds out of landfills.