Better a fascist capitalist than a socialist?

Shadow of anti-semitism over Ukraine’s disputed election

by British Helsinki Human Rights Group

Western television viewers and newspaper readers are being fed on a diet of propaganda about the current crisis in Ukraine. The orange flags and uniforms of the opposition fill our screens and decorate the front pages. “People power” and Western-orientated democrats are on the march against evil ex-communist oligarchs. Good is battling against evil for the soul of Ukraine.

Sadly it is not so simple. Western media and governments may have edited out the manifestations of extreme nationalism and anti-Semitism which disfigure the Ukrainian opposition’s rabble-rousing but history will record that in the run up to the disputed presidential elections, key opposition leaders, including Viktor Yushchenko, Julia Timoshenko and Alexander Moroz, defended anti-Semitic publications and accepted the backing of neo-Nazi groups as well as US and EU and so-called “civic society” NGOs. Nor were the anti-Semtic apologetics of the Ukrainian opposition unknown to key OSCE observers and EU parliamentarians who nevertheless ignored the dark shadow across Yushchenko’s campaign preferring instead to abuse his rival.

One wonders why D.C. and Europe are so determined to influence and intervene in an election in another country, given their oft-mouthed santimonious platitudes about respecting internal affairs in another country?

It is not the business of Washington or London or Ottawa to decide whether they accept the election results in the Ukraine. It is for the sovereign Ukrainian institutions to solve the process through the proper and existing legislative process, namely an examination of the complaints by the supreme court and the subsequent publishing of the results.

Hmm, maybe this has something to do with it…

Ukrainians are capable of solving their own problems without outside interference from the countries who are dying to install Yushchenko, no doubt so that lucrative arms contracts can be delivered to NATO and military bases set up on Russia’s borders.

Do as I say, not as I do?

Therefore the declaration by a number of western countries that they did not accept the result obtained by the Ukrainian Central Election Committee is ludicrous. What if the rest of the world tells the United States of America that it does not accept the result of the ballot in Ohio because it was rigged?

This article from a leading Rissian newspaper, continues.

The strongarm tactics used by the western stooge, Yushchenko, are typical of the anti-democratic processes set in motion by a rampant and militant Washington, crushed in the grip on a monetarist, neo-conservative crypto-fascist clique of elitists, whose corporate greed speaks louder than the mores of internacional diplomacy and whose thirst to dominate the world’s resources in the lifetimes of Rumsfeld and Cheney throws any moral concept into the trash bin.