Iran and endless war for oil

Now the neocons want to invade Iran using alleged nuke build up as a pretext. But we’ve been here before. Remember the WMD’s? The Bushies used them as an excuse to invade Iraq, and of course those weapons never existed and the Bushies knew that. That’s what’s happening here too.

I bet you didn’t see this in US media.

Former US national security advisor Zbiginiew Brzezinski criticized the American government’s “irrational and paranoid” policy towards Iran’s nuclear program

Asked about his reaction on Washington’s allegations that Iran was a nuclear military threat to the rest of the world, Brzezinski responded, “These are only irrational and paranoid slogans.”

These endless wars for oil are bankrupting the country. The dollar is hitting serious lows and Greenspan warns that overseas investors may start to dump their dollar-denominated holdings due to the deficit. If, or should I say, when, that happens, interest rates will rise and the standard of living for in the country will drop. This is no longer a paranoid scenario but is increasingly likely.