Wireless home networks. Menace or peril?

Ok, so some wireless networks work great all the time. Mine didn’t. My two PCs would sometimes not find the wireless net, sometimes one or the other of them would lose access to the Net, plus the signal strength would vary wildly – and all for no apparent reason. Sometimes just walking in front of the Range Expander (which I had to buy to boost the signal from the router which is all of twenty feet away) would cause the PCs to lose connection. Did I mention the PCs were eight feet from the Range Expander?

After several hours talking with LinkSys tech support and with knowledgeable friends, I now know far more about these nets than I ever wanted to, and could install them elsewhere if needed. Another PC, a notebook PC which is just a few feet from the router also has scattered wireless net problems. My two PCs had considerably more problems than that.

Wireless nets are great when they work, however in my opinion, the technology is nowhere near being ready for prime time, not especially if it’s for your business, which my PCs are. Most of my business, not to mention the blog, is via the Net. I can’t not be on the Net or to have a flaky connection.

So I did the only thing left to do. Bought a bunch of cable and wired my two PCs to the router. Bang. The connections are rock solid and the transfer rate is faster.