In chaos, comes opportunity

Kick The Base, or, We Are All Joe Lieberman’s Now.

The Green Party has raised enough money for a recount. Meanwhile, David Wade, Kerry’s press secretary, sneers at democracy.

It’s been two weeks since Kerry lost to President Bush. “The votes have not all been counted in New Mexico and Ohio,” says Kerry’s campaign and Senate spokesman David Wade, who is waiting for Kerry outside the strategy meeting. “And if you believe some of what you read on the Internet. . . . ”

Wade is referring to the litany of conspiracy theories about voting irregularities. He says this while rolling his eyes. Message: Kerry is back at work.

I’m finding it hard to blog, because critical to my writing has always been a sense of optimism. I do not see any reason to be optimistic anymore. Pitiful.

Kerry’s refusal to challenge any of the vote counting, like Al Gore’s similar refusal in 2000, seems inexplicable. They both rolled over and played dead. Why?

In my view, it’s because both are multi-millionaire members of the elite, and thus, despite whatever populist platitudes they may mouth during an election campaign, neither wants to rock the boat, not even by a tiny bit. Goodness, were they seriously to challenge the system, then they might lose their memberships at exclusive country clubs. Plus, they certainly can’t countenance serious social tumult, can they, as this would be bad for business and might negatively effect their investment portfolios. Both are simply being true to their class and fuck you. So – don’t mourn, organize.

I am optimistic. The Left is coming together like never before. The lies of the Bushies (and the Kerrys and the Gores) are out in the open for the world to see now. The exit polls showed most voters are nervous about the war, that most favor abortion and LGBT rights. So, I’d say we are the majority.

The elite has moved to the right. The people have not. Virtually all major change in this country has been spearheaded by people in the streets – whether that be the right for women to vote, the 8 hour work day, civil rights, the anti Vietnam war protests, LGBT rights, etc. – so lets all join together and do it again.  The coming period will be tumultuous. However, the war and the economy will sink Bush. But we need to be there, actively organizing, when it happens.