"Fallouja’s battle won, but fighting continues"

That’s what the headline in the L.A. Times say. But, if the fighting continues, then the battle is not won.

We’ve heard all this propaganda before, the US boasting about how they’d won some important battle, only to have events later show they hadn’t.

A top insurgent says fight has just begun

After a week of heavy fighting in Fallouja, a leading Iraqi insurgent said the battle was only the beginning of an uprising that had already roiled parts of Iraq dominated by Sunni Muslims.

“The battle of Fallouja is the beginning of other battles,” Abdullah Janabi said.

It’s only a matter of time until Baghdad explodes again. The US will not be able to “pacify” a city of six million. While DC attempts to put a happy face on what’s happening in Iraq, it’s clear the insurgency is now nationwide and growing fast. The US can not win. More brutal semi-victories like in Fallouja, where they’ve leveled a city of one million, will only cause more moderates to join the insurgency.

They never see the forest, rather, just one tree at a time.