Insurgents control most of Iraq

Taking Fallouja will make no difference

Iraqi insurgents have extended their reach over large swaths of the country, including sections of the capital, making it unlikely that the United States can establish the stability needed for credible elections in January even if its forces succeed in Fallouja, military and political analysts say.

The war is going badly. The antiwar movement needs only to be patient and wait for the inevitable increase in body bags returning to the US and disillusionment by the public. This happened during the Vietnam War and it’ll happen again. Except this time it’s happening much faster.

From Baghdad Burning

These last few days have been explosive- literally.

The sounds seem to be coming from everywhere. I’ve gotten tired of running upstairs and out on to the roof to find out where it’s coming from. It feels like the first days of the war sometimes- planes, explosions, bullets, smoke… roads cut off.

Read more about the situation at Juan Cole– would love to say more but the generator is going to be turned off in a couple of minutes.

Yessiree, the residents of Baghdad must certainly view the US as the bringers of peace and democracy, eh?


From Quarsan

US use of Chemical Weapons in Fallujah