The world views 4 more years

This cover is not, repeat NOT satire. It’s real.


The Mirror wasn’t the only British paper with a striking cover. The Guardian’s “G2” section was fronted by a page of solid black containing just two small words: “Oh, God.”

Meanwhile, the Independent ran the headline “Four More Years” along with iconic images from the first Bush term: kneeling prisoners at Guantanamo Bay, tortured prisoners at Abu Ghraib, soldiers fighting in Iraq, oil-drilling machinery, sign-wielding religious extremists, and a smirking Dubya.

In France, Libération ran a picture of the president under the headline, “L’Empire empire”—”The empire declines.”

From Steve Lopez in the LA Times

Now that I’m free, no need for reality

A far greater percentage of Americans believe in creationism than in evolution, and I had to stop thinking of them as rubes. A July poll revealed that more than half of America still believed Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, and I had to stop thinking of them as blockheads.

What I need — what I deserve as a God-fearing American — is a vehicle that burns enough gas to turn Alaska into a beach resort, or at least win me a tax credit.

By an act of divinity, the Sentra had come to a stop at Star Ford. I marched onto the lot and asked to see an SUV, and a salesman led me to the Explorer.

“Not big enough,” I said.

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And just what mindset has Steve Lopez now happily embraced?

Voters reject liberalism, an evil ideology.

By Frank Pastore, Former major league pitcher, current Christian talk show host

Since 1968, the left has taken millions captive, and we must help those Democrats who truly want to be free to actually break free of this evil ideology.

We continue to be that shining city set on a hill. And we fully accept the responsibility; we are proud to be the envy of the world.

Anyone who thinks the US is the envy of the world with everyone else wanting to emulate it, is delusional. But then, things are so much simpler when you turn off those bothersome cognitive abilities, right?