What Kerry & Bush aren’t talking about

The huge and growing budget deficit, the crumbling medical system, immigration, the resumption of the draft, corruption in corporate boardrooms, globalization, pollution, jobs vanishing overseas, global warming, the burden of taxation on the middle class. the plummeting dollar, etc.

Nope, they aren’t talking about any of that. Instead, it’s just endless macho posturing about who will be toughest in Iraq and against bin Laden. “None are so blind as theose who will not see”, and neither candidate has the slighest clue that the real and growing insurgency in Iraq is quite simply, people fighting back against outside invaders. Both favor continued US military presence everywhere the US deems fit and fuck what anyone else thinks.

Which is precisely the attitude that got the US in the Vietnam and Iraq quagmires in the first place and is why the  US has lost allies worldwide the past few years.

This will not change under President Kerry – unless political  pressure forces him to do so. That’s why the ANSWER Coalition will have a Counter-Inaugural Demonstration in Washington DC on January 20 regardless of who is elected, with simultaneous demos in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and elsewhere.

After Kerry is elected there will be brief euphoria on the Left, followed by disillusionment. However, we in the ANSWER Coalition won’t be disillusioned because we already know Kerry is no different from Bush on foreign policy. It’s those issues, not the domestic social issues that Kerry is obviously more moderate on, that are the crucial ones. The war is bankrupting the country as well as splitting it apart-just another example of the continuing US policy of military expansion across the globe which has gone on unabated for decades.