Eminem anti-war, anti-Bush video

This is one powerful, stunning video. The anti-war segments equal “Fixin’ to Die” by Country Joe & the Fish, the song that helped end the Vietnam War – and that’s the highest compliment I can give any protest song. Eminem has massive talent, this video has a strong message, and he’s taking big chances doing this.
You bet he can reach millions of voters and convince them to vote against Bush – and that’s precisely what he wants to do.

(If you think hip hop is only gangster rap or misogynistic or filled with no-talents, then you’ve not been listening. There’ s plenty of amazing and inspired hip hop out there – like this video.

Not that there’s anything wrong with gangster rap. “Heroin” by the Velvet Underground was a brilliant, epochal song, but that doesn’t mean those who listened to it ran out to score junk or the band advocated being a junkie. It was simply *about* their life. Just like gangster rap is about someone’s life too.)