More making’ shit up from the Bushies

Little evidence of Qaeda plot timed to vote

In early July, the Homeland security secretary, Tom Ridge, declared that credible intelligence showed Al Qaeda intended to launch a “large-scale attack” inside the United States to “disrupt our democratic process.”

Or maybe this was just a sleazy election ploy to scare people into voting for Bush?

More than three months later, counterterrorism officials in the United States and overseas say they are still concerned, but have uncovered little specific evidence of a plot timed to the election.

How could the head of Homeland Security have such wildly inaccurate info?

There are also those, especially abroad, who question the information and analyses relied on by Mr. Ridge and other senior Bush administration officials in their repeated public warnings of an election-year terror threat.

“I’ve seen some analytical pieces from the bureau and the agency,” said one senior American counterintelligence official, referring to election threat reports by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Central Intelligence Agency. “On a scale of one to a hundred, I’d give it about a two.”

Hmmm, maybe they aren’t so much manipulative liars as merely just incompetent.

Why America has waged a losing battle on Fallouja

Marines were on the verge of taking the city in April when politics intervened. U.S. misjudgment, disagreement and shifting strategy ended up fanning the flames of the Iraqi insurgency.

Just as they had previously, U.S. policymakers underestimated the hostility in Fallouja toward the American military occupation of their land.

So, the Bushies were too dim to comprehend that those in a country they’ve invaded would be “hostile.” Dumb and dumber.

Finally, from the quite reliable Rumor Control

Empty City; New Tactics (8).

    Insurgents in Fallujah have withdrawn the bulk of their forces from the city, leaving mostly suicide fighters behind. The insurgents are planning to use weapons that have not been seen before as well as new tactics. (8)

Submitted by Ghost, a very informed reader.

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