Kick ’em in the teeth

Sinclair says will not air Kerry show in entirety

Sinclair Broadcast Group Inc. under widening scrutiny over plans to air a documentary about Sen. John Kerry’s wartime activities 30 years ago, said on Tuesday it would not show the program in its entirety.

Golly, wasn’t it just last week they boasted they’d never back down?

Here’s why:

Shares of the controversial Sinclair Broadcasting Group slipped almost 8 percent Monday in the aftermath of the political firestorm that the company created last week.

The shares dropped amid fresh concerns on Wall Street, with analysts fretting over what looms as a loss of advertising revenue for Sinclair.

Kos has posted the Sinclair stock chart showing how much Sinclair stock has dropped since they shot themselves in the foot, commenting

The wingers were all proud of themselves for getting Dan Rather to apologize over some memos that didn’t detract from the 60 Minutes story in any way. The self-important fools refer to the event as “memo-gate”. But they can have their little victory.

I’d rather help take down an entire media empire.

Let’s keep the pressure on and kick these bastards in the teeth. They richly deserve it and, of course, were trying to do the same to the Left.