The L.A. Times Crime Blotter, er, "Business" section

Miss Monica says the L.A. Times Business section should be renamed “Crime Blotter.” Indeed. Here’s an illustrative selection from today’s Business section front page.

SEC chief tells business to clean up act

Insurance broker scandal alleged New York “filed a lawsuit Thursday claiming that the world’s largest insurance broker, Marsh & McLennan Cos., conspired to cheat business clients out of hundreds of millions of dollars.”

BofA must pay customers $372 million in fee case

HBO execs suspended in inquiry

Given the absence of ethical role models in the Bush Administration, such rampant corruption should hardly be a surprise. Indeed, by their actions (not their words), the Bushies give a wink and a nod to such abuses. War profiteering in Iraq would be the most egregious example of them funnelling money to friends and allies, there are many others.

And in this bit of unintentional satire: The wolf says, I was wrong to eat the chickens.

Energy deal ‘wrong,’ ex-Enron exec says A former Enron Corp. executive told a jury Thursday that he knew the disgraced energy company had made a bogus deal with Merrill Lynch & Co. in order to post fraudulent profits.”