L.A. Oct. 16 March & Rally For Immigrant Rights

WHEN:  Sat, Oct 16, 12 noon
WHERE: Assemble at Olympic & Broadway       
Downtown Los Angeles       
March to Federal Building (Los Angeles and Temple)

Those in L.A. may be wondering why there are two Immigrant Rights marches this Saturday,  one downtown, the other in East L.A.

This statement from the coalition of over 100 groups building for the downtown march and rally explains why. The full statement is on the ANSWER LA website, and includes the huge list of endorsing organizations.

Statement Of The Coalition – The Necessity Of Unity

The Coalition of over 100 groups that has been building this demonstration for many, many months has been promoting unity so that there will be a unified action on October 16.

On October 16, however, there will be two immigrant rights demonstrations in Los Angeles.

Our Coalition has made every effort to forge unity with  the group building the other activity. In August, we  offered the group organizing the other activity full unity and a range of options: (1) complete unity with one united march and rally; or (2) two separate marches and one united rally. Under the unity proposal from our Coalition, our Coalition and the other group would have shared equally in the selection of the program for a united march and rally.

Unfortunately, our offer of unity was not accepted by the organizers of the other activity. We also regret that we have not received any communication from them since they decided not to accept our offer.

Nonetheless, although we are disappointed that there is not a single march or a unified rally, we believe that all activities in support of immigrant rights, at this critical moment, will make a contribution to the overall struggle for justice.

March At Olympic And Broadway Called Two Years Ago

The march from Olympic and Broadway was called two years ago at an immigrant rights rally in downtown LA by Latino Movement USA and Hermandad Mexicana Nacional. Since then, more than 100 other groups have joined the call, which has been raised many more times at mass immigrant rights and antiwar demonstrations throughout 2002 and 2003. It has also been covered in the media on numerous occasions over the past two years.

The call was initiated to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the huge anti-Proposition 187 demonstration which represents the largest mobilization by the Latino community in the history of the U.S. But the Coalition saw the need to broaden the call to encompass the struggle for ALL immigrants against racism and government repression.

Immigrants Of All Nationalities Organizing for Oct 16

The massive Coalition building the march from Olympic and Broadway is multinational and fully represents the diverse immigrant community in Southern California.

More than 80 organizations representing Mexican and Central American immigrants have endorsed and are actively mobilizing for the march. Arab, Muslim, South Asian, Korean, Philippino, Asian Pacific Islander and other immigrant organizations are building for the demonstration as well. Youth, students, LGBT, antiwar and anti-racist groups and labor unions are  also actively involved.

At this critical time, we must organize and fight back against racism, bigotry and all forms of oppression. We must elevate the level of struggle to win full rights for  ALL immigrants, especially for undocumented workers and their families.

All progressive individuals and organizations are invited to join the march and rally on October 16. A strong, united demonstration in downtown Los Angeles will prove  the incredible strength and resolve of the movement for immigrant rights in the United States today.

Latino Movement USA 323-269-6069
Hermandad Mexicana Nacional 213-745-5222
A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition 323-464-1636